Missing teen's mom: "It's our worst nightmare"

Posted at 10:43 PM, Feb 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-01 23:20:21-05

Saturday morning, Cheryl Simmons went to look for her youngest child, 15-year-old Michelle and she was gone. 

"It's our worst nightmare," Simmons said. "I never thought I 'd see a missing child poster with my child on it. It's somebody else’s nightmare. It's not mine and now it's my reality."

Simmons last saw her daughter Friday night. Her last words were I love you. 

"There was cigarette smoke in her room and the bedroom window was cracked open this much," he said. "We don't smoke."

More disturbing was the handwritten words on a note left behind.

"I'm leaving because I found out something and if you call the police or try to find me. I will hang myself."

Simmons says she doesn't believe those are her daughter's words. 

Baltimore County Police are investigating Michelle's suspicious disappearance. For her mother, it's like reliving a nightmare; this isn't the first time her daughter has been missing. 

"She did have an incident last June when she did meet someone on KIK and this person took her for three days," Simmons said. "The guy turned out to be in his early 40's, and dropped her off in Catonsville. We lived in Columbia."

Simmons says her daughter is gullible, naive and worries it could be someone she met on social media. She just learned from a friend that Michelle has a second phone, one that Simmons wasn't able to monitor.

The family plans to blanket the neighborhood with even more flyers. Until they find her, that's all they can do

"We're just helpless. You want to protect your kid. I can't do anything but wait and hope somebody sees her. That's all I can do," Simmons said. 

If you have any information about Michelle, call police. 

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