Meeting held to discuss future of Owings Mills Mall, residents are ready for change

Posted at 9:00 AM, Aug 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-30 06:22:42-04

The Owings Mills Mall closed for good back in January and has since been gutted, but final plans for the location have yet to be determined.

Monday, Councilman Julian Jones gave the community a chance to weigh in on its future.

"It's very important that whatever happens, it has the community support so everybody has a vested interest in it," Jones said.

He wants his constituents to be heard when it comes to the future of Owings Mills Mall.

"Their input is important," he said. "Their input is not guaranteed in this process if it were not for these community meetings." 

And the community was certainly vocal.

"I want something new there. I was excited about something new coming there besides the opportunity to even be able to go and shop and not have to travel to Towson," said Owings Mills resident, Karen Allen.
"It's important obviously to create jobs for the community it's also important to bring awareness of the community and bring value to the community," Arnold Mitchell said.
"Id like to see a really strong anchor store that includes  a lot of clothing options for every size and every age group," Linda Dorsey-Walker said.


There are rumors that a Walmart Superstore could anchor a shopping development at the site, located at 10300 Mill Run Circle in Owings Mills. However, two Walmart locations exist within approximately 3 miles of the site.

Several residents expressed concern over adding a Walmart Superstore. They say the influx of people from outside areas could clog up their communities.

"We had over 250 people and 250 people have at least 260 different ideas so that challenge is that make sure we bring that together," Jones said.

But there are limitations.
"We can only do so much in terms of working with the developer," Jones said."I just want to make sure that what happens at the mall or the new town center compliments what's here and help us all grow." 
Jones will host another meeting about the development on Wednesday, Aug. 31 from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Randallstown Community Center, located at 3505 Resource Drive in Randallstown. 

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