Mechanics see increase in tire sales ahead of winter weather

Posted at 4:07 PM, Dec 29, 2016

Mechanics in Towson say they're seeing a spike in tire sales and winter preps as people prepare their cars for the winter weather. 

When the temperatures cool down, the pace inside Leo's Auto Incorporated warms up. 

"We see a lot of cars come in here. People have bald tires," Mark Peters, the auto shop's general manager, said. 

Jon Deitz, a three-year mechanic, says waiting to get your car prepped for winter shouldn't be an option.

"If you have it in the back of your head it's probably, you know, go see a professional and see what you need and if you don't need it they'll tell you you don't need it, if you do, they're going to get you fixed up for the winter," he said. 

Peters agrees an says it's important to not only get ready for the cold, but for slippery, wet weather. 

"You definitely see a spike an increase in tire sales during this time of year because people are getting scared. You know, the winter's coming and they either know they've put off the tires too long or, you know, they've been in that rain and they've hydroplaned now what's going to happen in the snow when they can't move," he said. 

"Different brands of tires have their different designs, but it's all a different way of doing the same thing and that's to achieve safety for the driver," Deitz added. 

He also said it's important to do a simple safety check before you head on the roads, including your brakes after riding in areas where there's a lot of road salt. 

"It reacts with the metal and it causes a lot of corrosion. It'll corrode a vehicle ten times faster than regular weather would," he said.

...preventing accident or worse. 

"You need someone who is a certified and competent technician to work on your vehicle, because that's your safety that's on the line," Deitz said.