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Man run over by tractor trailer recovering; police searching for driver

Eddie and Monye Weiner
Posted at 9:29 PM, Feb 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-17 23:13:18-05

CATONSVILLE, Md. — Work and essentially every other part of life has been put on hold for Eddie and Monye Weiner.

“How many people do you know have ever been hit by a truck and survived? It just doesn’t happen,” Monye said.

Monye watched the surveillance footage of a tractor trailer running over her husband outside of the Catonsville Sam’s Club.

“He obviously knew he hit him because he stopped,” she said. “A few seconds later he stepped on the gas and took off. When he took off my husband was already out of the van jiggling his door. He knocked my husband to the ground and the back wheels ran over my husband.”

He has 2 broken arms, multiple broken bones in his leg and a fractured ankle.

Eddie’s at rehab now and he can’t walk.

Monye wants her husband of 36 years home more than anything, but she doesn't know how she can give him the care he needs in the condition he's in.

“Medicare says that if you’re not progressing, I don’t know what exactly they mean by progressing because I think Eddie is progressing, that he can’t be in a rehab anymore. They are saying within two or three weeks there is a chance they could send him home.”

Baltimore County Police released some photos of the truck. Police say the word “Shaffer” is printed on the top of the trailer on the rear right side and it has a faded logo that looks like a circle.

There is also a refrigeration system on the trailer.

Monye is frustrated that it happened in such a public spot and they still haven’t found the truck.

“They couldn’t detect a license plate, which nobody can understand why. There are cameras all around Sam’s Club. He rode supposedly past Bank of America, they have cameras.”

The couple’s life and dreams changed in an instant.

“I raised my kids, Eddie worked every day this was our time. I want that happy ending. I want him to come home in one piece.”

Monye wanted to let all of the people that have been showing her love and support on social media to know that they are helping her get through all of this.

If you'd like to help the family in anyway we have a link to a GoFundMe here.

If you know anything that can help police, give them a call.