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Local barber provides renewed sense of confidence with weaves for men

Posted at 6:42 PM, Feb 27, 2019

GLEN BURNIE, Md. — Inside the W Hair Loft in Glen Burnie, Wade Menendez, also known as "Wade the Barber" is serving up much more than fresh haircuts. He’s transforming lives through a unique service making its way to barber shops all over the country called hair units. It's also known as hair weaves for men.

“Recession is a problem. Every barber has a bunch of clients who’s losing their hair,” said Menendez. “I always believe if you fix a problem, you’ll always have business. So, there was a need. I fulfilled the need and business has grown tremendously.”

Although Menendez wouldn’t give us his secret on the process itself, he did say the process is simple. It takes about an hour or two and can cost anywhere from $200-$650. All a client would need to do is submit a picture of their hair and then pick from the hair units he’s already created. The service has brought in clients from all over the world.

“I have clients who come from Paris, from the UK, from the islands, all over the US,” said Menendez. “Everyone coming to little Glen Burnie. It’s crazy.”

Andre Deleo of Upper Marlboro started going to Menendez two years ago after unsuccessfully trying out another barber for hair units. After taking one look at his new hair, he knew he made the right decision coming to Menendez.

“It was more than I could have imagined,” said Deleo. “I wish I would have come here the first time. I wasted all of that money the first time. I was so happy. I really was.”

Hair units have become a way of helping men regain a look they may have lost. Transforming their style and giving them a renewed sense of confidence.

“I’ve had people who have literally cried just because they haven’t seen themselves like this in so long,” said Menendez. “I definitely feel like I’m fulfilling a purpose. I feel like I was created to do. And it’s not just about the hair. I just feel like I’m here to help people.”

Menendez has taught over 500 people around the world about the hair unit service. He hopes to one day open up a school and continue to help transform more lives.