"It was her passion, love, and dream" Officer Caprio's mother thanks hundreds for support

Posted at 11:17 PM, May 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-25 23:17:53-04

Candles prayer and love for the family, community, and fellow officers of Baltimore County Police Officer Amy Caprio.

They sounded the bell for her end of watch, April 21, 2018, and shared what made her a shining light in the community.

Her mother Debbie Sorrells opening up about the woman she’s proud to call her daughter.

“Amy chose to go into this field. She wanted to be a police officer. It was her passion, her love, her dream. She loved her work and her network of family, friends, relatives, and the second family that she had of police officers and firefighters.”

Becoming a police officer nearly 4 years ago was a dream that came true for Caprio.

A loss for the Parkville community where she was stationed.

“Parkville is going to suffer for that loss, the community, the police,” a Baltimore County Sheriffs Deputy told the crowd. “She’s the kind of police officer we all wanted to have in our neighborhood.”

Becky Kinch helped to organize the event, Giving thanks to Caprio’s brothers and sisters in blue who stood together watching over the crowd.

“They get up just like we do. They go to work just like we do. They want to go home and see their family just like we do. I think we really need to come together as a community and show that our law enforcement is here for us for our community we need to prove to text them we need to help support them. We need to have their 6.” Kinch said.

An officer, sister, and daughter whose watch ended on May 21.

“Know That She died doing the job that she wanted to do,” Sorrels said. “God bless you all thank you and we each have a guardian angel beside you.”

Four teens are charged with murder in Officer Caprio’s death.