Immigrant children separated from parents

Baltimore County left in the dark
Posted at 11:39 PM, Jun 28, 2018

The hot button topic of zero tolerance dividing families at the border finds Baltimore County Executive Don Mohler putting the heat on federal authorities to reveal where they may have been sent here.

"Tell us where the children are,” said Mohler, “Let us just go see them and make sure they're okay."
The same county, which has refused to help ICE deport illegal immigrants now faces the prospect of separated children living within its borders without any knowledge of it.

"I have a responsibility to the people of Baltimore County to make sure if these children are here that they're safe and secure,” said Mohler, “It's very frustrating when you read in the media there may be children in Baltimore County and you're unable to identify them."
Earlier this week, Governor Larry Hogan received information from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services suggesting 10 children came to Maryland and have been placed in residential or foster care services, but Mohler says that's not enough.

"What's missing in that equation that the governor alludes to is I don't think the governor knows where the children are either,” said Mohler, “So I just come back to the basic point---Where are the children?"
 A division of the Maryland Department of Human Services licenses and monitors child placement programs here, but to protect the safety and confidentiality of all children placed in those facilities, they cannot disclose their names or locations.

"I'd like to think that everybody can agree that children matter,” said Mohler, “This is not a political matter.  I'm a parent.  I'm a grandparent.  Every time I go around and someone talks to me, they're appalled by the images they've seen.  They're concerned.  I've had people call me personally, and say, 'Don, I'd like to foster one of these children if they're in Baltimore County.'"