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General Motors: 4,000 workers to be laid off Monday, Baltimore County plant to shutdown in April

Posted at 8:26 AM, Feb 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-04 08:27:58-05

WHITE MARSH, Md. — Thousands of General Motors workers are facing a pink slip Monday morning.

Back in November, the automaker announced it was cutting about 15,000 jobs and closing four plants across the united states. One of those is the GM plant in White Marsh.

The Baltimore County plant here has a couple more months before production ends. It's scheduled to shut down in April.

General Motors White Marsh plant has called Baltimore County home for nearly 20 years and in about two months from now the more than 300 people who work here will be out of a job.

The white marsh plant is one of four U.S. plants stopping production. Other facilities scheduled to close include one in Ohio and two in Michigan.

The plant closures come with a loss of 6,000 hourly jobs. The company also is slashing 15 percent of its salaried staff and 25 percent of its executive staff.

GM officials believe the job cuts and plant closures will save the company $6 billion.

Meanwhile, here in Maryland state and local officials have pledged to help the 300 people who will lose their jobs in April to find new ones.

State officials are committed to guide those laid off with unemployment resources, job training and potential job opportunities.

The future of this plant itself is unknown. GM will discuss that as part of its contract talks with the united automobile workers.