Christmas Eve golfing in Baltimore County

Posted at 5:14 PM, Dec 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-24 17:14:59-05
It is not your typical Christmas Eve activity, but that didn't stop anyone at Fox Hollow Golf Course from taking advantage of this not-so-winter weather. 
"Unusual. Very unusual. Nice and warm. Not too much wind. Nice golfing day," Ed Spilman said.  
More than a few people were more than happy to be teeing off in t-shirts in December. 
"We were thrilled to be able to come out. What a beautiful day," Ridge Warfield said. 
Warfield brought his grandsons Wilson and Ridgely Ritter out to the driving range. The two called it a break from what they are used to doing on the days leading up to Christmas.
"It's pretty nice because instead of going shopping and stuff with your parents, you just get to lay back and relax and just hit balls," Wilson said. 
The staff at Fox Hollow said typically around November is when they start to see play die down a bit, but that has not been the case this time around. 
"We've had a couple cold days but overall it's just been an incredible boost for us and for that golfer that just loves to play. They're getting bonus weather here," Chris Hanson, Head Golf Professional, told ABC2. 
The sky was full of clouds but with 70 degree temperatures, it was hard to resist.
"Hopefully this continues and we're looking at the long term forecast, and it's looking like we'll still have some golfing weather and we'll be open to have everybody come out and continue this winter golf," Hanson said.