Family mourns Korryn Gaines, asks for change

Posted at 11:30 PM, Aug 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-05 23:50:09-04
Tonight a crowd of a couple hundred gathered at Baltimore City High School to remember Korryn Gaines and talk about how the justice system is unfair.
"Is it a justice system or a "just us" system?" Gaines father screamed at the crowd.
The crowd chanted things like "Say her name! Korryn Gaines," and how they need to stay united. Tea candles spelled out her name, along with balloons and signs, hoping this incident will bring change in the police department.
"This system does not stand for us they only want to protect their interests," her cousin said.
"There is never a situation in which the state has a right to kill someone," Ralikh Hayes, organizer for Baltimore BLOC said regarding the controversy of Gaines' mental health.
Friday night family recalled what happened earlier that week and how they wish it could be different.
"Her father was there her mother was there anyone of us just allow us to go in and talk to her she would've come to us and they said that's not gonna happen," Gaines' grandmother Marlene Mcbride said.
Her family was angry Gaines' 5-yar-old, Kodi, was shot by officers during the crossfire and said Gaines did nothing wrong. 
"Who educate your young and your children if all you want to do is kill them and put them in harms way?" Gaines' cousin said.
The message, band together.
Gaines mother said it could be your child next time.