After 3 months in the NICU, the Barget family is complete

Karter and Mason were born at 25 weeks
Posted at 10:24 PM, Jun 15, 2017
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Now the Barget family is complete - little Karter sits with mom, Marion and the oldest twin Mason is content with dad, Kyle. Six months ago, Marion and Kyle weren't of the picture perfect moment. 

"I was 25 weeks 5 days....oh my god I just started crying this isn't supposed to happen," Marion said.

December 19, 2016 is a day this family will never forget. Marion had a placenta abruption, forcing her into premature labor.

"They said if we wouldn't have gotten there when we did, it could have been fatal for the boys and myself," she said.

Karter had two surgeries, the first at 10 days old. He spent the first 90 days of his life at GBMC, and Mason 109 days.

"You never think your child would be so small, a pound 12, a pound 13. It's the scariest thing in my life," Kyle said.

Marion's memory box is filled with some of the lows and highs of their time at the NICU.

"These were their little outfits," she said. 

"It's something you never think of when you're having a child," Kyle said. "It's very surreal, and very scary."

"It is a rollercoaster," Marion said. "One day you're up, then the next you're down and three steps forward and five steps backward.'

Now with both boys at home, they're only looking forward.      

Karter weighs a healthy 10-pounds and Mason 9-pounds. They're right on track based on their original due date age which puts them at a little over two months. 

"These are our joys. December 19th was a scary day but at this point being able to see how big they are and their growth is amazing," Kyle said.

The Barget’s will forever be grateful.

"They take these tiny little seeds which were our boys and they care for them and they water them and they help them to flourish, nurture them and then they grow into these beautiful boys," Marion said.

Kyle credits the birth of his baby boys to GBMC. He'll be celebrating his first Father's Day Sunday. He's running in GBMC's annual 5K Father's Day race, which benefits the hospital's NICU. 

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