Help sought in search for Essex man

Posted at 7:35 PM, Apr 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-29 19:35:18-04
A hard working young man with an infant daughter suddenly disappeared. His family has no idea why, and he's been missing for close to three months. Investigators are baffled, and the family is pleading for help.
Carly Seibl gets emotional quickly when talking about Mason Gomez, 19, and understandably so. The two have been together for six years, she said, and he's the father of her 9-month-old daughter.
"He was a cool person and we miss him and want him to come back," Seibl said. She said she has no idea where he is.
Baltimore County Police detectives aren't quite sure either, but are trying desperately to find him. Detectives say Gomez was last seen in the 600 block of Wilson Avenue, not far from the Essex apartment he shares with his mother, Aretha Grinage.
Grinage said she found out he was missing after getting a call from Seibl.
"I just heard her say that she tried calling him and didn't get him. Then I called him and it just went to voicemail, and it's been going to voicemail ever since," she said.
And she says there's no reason he would leave willingly. He grew up a three-sport athlete, and was laying the blocks to a bright future.
"He's never been one to run away or go running for anything," said Grinage. She said he looked forward to raising his daughter with Seibl, who said there's no reason anybody would hurt him.
Detectives described him as 6' and 130 pounds and have very few leads, including possible circumstances surrounding Gomez's disappearance.
Seibl said Gomez is "caring" and "very lovable" before emotions overcame her.
If anyone has information, detectives ask you to give them a call at 410-307-2020.

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