Families in Catonsville are dealing with the ugly aftermath of flood damage

Posted at 11:51 PM, Jun 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-07 23:51:49-04

Many still drying out belongings and now dealing with mold spreading.


These last couple of weeks have been hard on Jessica Brown and her 5 children.


“I want my home back,” she said. “We need to comfortable. Me and my children want their bed back.”


Heavy rains brought in flood water twice over the last two weeks.


“All the mold in the corner this was the one that came to the knee and it floated all the way in,” Brown said.


The smell of mold is strong even as you walk up to the home. The family spends as little time as possible here-- the mold makes it hard for the kids to breath.


“We can’t stay here I mean the smell is going up to the third floor. I come here I grab clothes. When they come home from school we go on out to the Little River area.”


Brown’s family is one of over 20 families who was helped by the American Red Cross and the Baltimore County Disaster Assistance Center on Thursday.


“Give them whatever support we can, and tell them which area we can get them insurance help,” said volunteer Meg Dipaula. “Where they can help get help from the state and where the Red Cross can come in and assist.”


Dipaula and the other volunteer are helping Brown with a cleanup that could take months.


“They’re going to help me with funds and they help me out with 5-6 boxes of food and water for my children,” Brown said.


The stagnant reminder of the damage done still spreading throughout the home


“Right now, I’m scared if they do fix that is the smell going to get out of the house,” Brown said. “It might take months, it might take a year but my smell will never be back in my house.”


They are leaning on family and the help of strangers to get by.


“We’ve been eating fast food breakfast lunch and dinner,” Brown said.  “Once in a while her sister my aunt will cook dinner and we just got to live day by day.”


The mother says these problems have caused her to miss time at work and has made even getting the kids to school very difficult.


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