Electrified fence repaired at Dulaney High School

Concerned parents calling for replacement school
Posted at 11:24 PM, Sep 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-21 23:24:56-04

Dulaney High School's football stadium will be closed for several weeks after damage to underground wiring electrified the surrounding fence, according to Baltimore County School officials.

One staff member was shocked by the fence, but not injured.

School officials say the problem was discovered and repaired, but the stadium will remain closed while the entire power system is evaluated.

Yara Cheikh says her son was watching a varsity soccer game at the stadium when the electrified fence was discovered last week. Her group, "Friends of Dulaney High School," has been pushing for a replacement for the 53-year-old facility.

"You expect things to be broken," she says. "We have had four flooded classrooms and we are in our third week of school."

Concerned parents fear that an undiscovered problem at the school will lead to injury or worse. In 2006, the daughter of former Baltimore Colt Bubba Greene was killed in Baltimore's Druid Hill Park after touching a fence that came in contact with broken wires underground.

"We react when someone gets hurt. If we have to react when someone gets hurt, that was too late," says "Friends of Dulaney High School" member Jennifer Tarr.

The Baltimore County Board of Education recently prioritized the planning of a replacement school for Dulaney.

The Varsity Boys Football Team is scheduled to play a home game on Saturday, September 23. That game has been moved to County Home Park.