Community helping firefighters after 3-alarm fire at plastics factory

Posted at 11:25 PM, Oct 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-06 06:15:58-04

It looks like a bomb went off. Doesn't look like a fire. Everything has just fallen to the ground.

It wasn't a bomb but a 3-alarm fire that leveled the Adell Plastics factory in Baltimore Highlands that started Tuesday afternoon.

It's been almost a day and a half now where about 200 fire fighters and 55 pieces of equipment fought to bring this fire under control. All those first responders and equipment take up a lot of room and Annapolis Road is still closed.

"Yeah it's crazy getting around here, especially after work. It took me 45 minutes to get back yesterday and I only work 5 minutes around the corner. It's hectic," Rob Redden said. 

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Normally with the traffic on Annapolis Road one would never think to just stroll down the middle of this busy road with your family but, that's what Brandy Supik did with her family and friends. This wasn't just a casual walk to see the fire aftermath.... they were on a mission.

"We just actually delivered 12 pizzas and a bunch of snacks and cases of water for the fire fighters that are working," she said.

The hard work by these men and women not going unnoticed here.

"We know how hard they are fighting the fire," she said. "They all look so exhausted, they've been here for over 24 hours and it's the least we can do as a community to help them out to give them a little smile on their face while they're battling that fire."

Fire officials say they will reevaluate the situation in the morning. They expect to have most of the equipment clear from here by Thursday afternoon.