Community expresses concerns about mega church in Lutherville

Church leaders willing to work with community
Posted at 11:31 PM, Sep 19, 2016
Most people are happy when a place of worship plans to make a home in their neighborhood, but not everyone along Seminary Avenue in Lutherville-Timonium is praising the plan.
The concerns range from overcrowding, traffic congestion and even environmental issues, but Grace Fellowship leaders made themselves available to the community Monday. 
"We are part of the HOA for our development and we just want to get information," Dawn Weinstein said.
Grace Fellowship is planning to take residence on 21 acres and bring with it 500 parking spots.
"We see that this is not a church that's only busy on Sundays they have people there all the time," Jay Weinstein said.

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And residents are also concerned about the environment.
"Neighbors are concerned about their well situation because theres a limited aquifer and there's limited water and the larger the structure, the more you'll need to draw on water," said resident, Elaine Bourne.
Those concerns were discussed by church leaders and by county officials.
"We want to do this in a very environmentally responsible way and do it in a way that doesn't adversely impact the community," said Danny O'Brien a church representative.
O'Brien says the community should have concerns and they want to hear them.
"This was a great meeting the people in this community obviously love this community and care deeply about this community and we love this community," he said. 
O'Brien continued to say that all environmental concerns will be discussed with county and environmental leaders.
Other residents that attended Monday's meeting, say they're on board with having a church in the neighborhood, just not one that can hold close to 2,000 people.

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