Towson student plays Santa in Target

Posted at 5:18 PM, Dec 23, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-24 05:55:55-05

A thank you card is worth $1,000. Each person is about to have a better Christmas, thanks to Amanda Hallameyer, a Towson University junior, someone who saved for a year to save their holiday.

"Each of my paychecks that I would get or all the babysitting money that I would get or any extra change that I found, I would just put it in there and it just grew over time,” said Hallameyer. 

As Hallameyer's bank account grew, she was inspired by a sermom titled "Bold Generosity" delivered at Mountain Christian Church in Fallston. 

Hallameyer decided Tuesday, Dec. 22nd was her day.  Around 2 p.m., she watched the checkout lines at the store in Nottingham and determined whose bill to pick up.  The receipt says $131.14 for Theresa McBride.

"I said I'm currently unemployed.  I lost my job six months ago.  It's really hard.  For her to come along was amazing," said McBride. 

McBride moved to Florida and has an interview next week.  She's back in town to be with her family and who she calls an unexpected angel.

"I would like to take the money and pay it forward to somebody else who needs it," said McBride.  

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Hallameyer's mission was just that: to help and to inspire.  Tineshia Johnson is pregnant with number six.  Her "Target Angel" gave her angels a better Christmas.

"I didn't do nothing but cry.  It's like times are just so hard these days.  It's like God send an angel down for a reason," said Johnson. 

Johnson caught up with Hallameyer to give her a thank you note after she spent about $1,000 on strangers. 

The ladies spread the good news on social media, so the angel could not remain anonymous as she planned.

"It's blessed me probably more than it blessed them," said Hallameyer.

It is the first time Hallameyer has done something like this.  And yes, she plans to do it again.