Boy climbed from 30-foot hole to get friend help

Posted at 5:20 PM, Mar 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-22 06:04:53-04

Makai McEachin stayed at home Monday with family to rest and nurse his injuries.

He and his friend fell into a hole as they were leaving a Rosedale McDonald's Sunday.

"I got four stitches on my pinky and two stitches on my forearm and three staples in my head. I feel awful. My whole body is scratched up," McEachin said.

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McEachin and his friend Louis were just a block away from home when it happened.

"We were walking on that mulch and it felt a little bouncy so I was like this and it bounced me back up. I walked and Louis was still right there and I came back and we just fell right through," McEachin said.

He said he and his friend have made that same walk many times and never noticed the ground was close to collapsing.

The 11-year-old told ABC2 he knew how to get out by watching videos online.

He fell on his first escape attempt and hit his head, but made it out on the second attempt to go get help.

The boy ran home to get that help from his mother, Mia Minter.

Minter described the moments her youngest son ran into her home, bloodied and bruised, and told her to call 911 since Louis was still stuck.

According to the fire department there was a 36 inch opening to a hole that was 30-45 feet deep.

Minter could not believe it was covered with landscaping fabric and mulch. She said she was especially shocked after she heard from witnesses at the scene that a dog fell through the same hole years ago.

"It could have been ten times worse. I just thank God for his mercy and grace... How long did they expect it to stand up to people walking across it, before somebody fell in? It was just an accident waiting to happen. I just thank God that they didn't die," Minter said.

McEachin's friend was rescued around 7:15 Sunday night. He was also taken to the hospital and released.

"I just hope they fix it now. Now that somebody has gotten hurt, somebody's kids have gotten hurt, I hope they fix it and fix it right," Minter told ABC2.

The 11-year-old said he is focused on recovering now and is not sure when he will be feeling well enough to get back to school.

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