Black bear spotted in Randallstown

Posted at 2:07 PM, Jun 03, 2016

A black bear was spotted in Randallstown Friday afternoon, roaming around and attempting to pull down a bird feeder. 

Video and pictures taken by ABC2 News viewer Sean Rhudy show the bear in the area of Orchard Shade Road around 12:30 p.m. Friday.

"You don't expect to see in Randallstown that's for sure!" Rhudy said.

Stephen Schatz, director of communications for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, said black bears-- usually male-- are common this time of year, when they're looking to find their new home. 

"That's why a lot of people are seeing them a little more than usual," Schatz said. 

They tend to follow rivers, streams and other well-worn water paths, and are not typically hostile or aggressive, he said.

"It's not anything to be alarmed or concerned about," he said. 

But neighbors in the area are a little worried.

"It's startling but  we've been here a long time and it's kind of scary in a way because history of bears, you don't know what their temperament might be," Gregory Hicks told ABC2.

I'm staying in tonight I've got to go to work tomorrow but I"m staying in tonight! I keep looking out back you know? Devestating! "  said Carolyn Hicks.

Harry Spiker, the state's bear biologist, said the bears can travel more than 100 miles from their original home, covering up to 20 miles in one day. So far this year, black bears have been spotted in Cecil County as well as Howard County and Baltimore County. 

"We've got a really healthy regional population," Spiker said. 

DNR recommends "common sense" things such as putting bird feeders away from April through November, when birds have plenty of wild food sources. 

"I hope it's a bear look you see on TV.  Just nice and friendly and just move on," Hicks said. 

Residents should also remember to keep their trash cans clean and store cooking grills inside.

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