Baltimore County woman searches for lost pitbull

She says she's concerned about dog fighting
Posted at 12:15 PM, Dec 19, 2016

A Baltimore County woman is concerned her pitbull puppy may have been stolen for dog fighting, and is offering a reward for his safe return, no questions asked.  

Bianca Medley of Gwynn Oak said Ziggy, a 6-month-old pitbull, disappeared nearly a week ago from her backyard. 

"I went inside for less than a minute, and once I came back out, Ziggy was gone," Medley said. 

She believes Ziggy was taken by a man who was seen around the area with a belt around his neck, almost like a leash. 

A friend of Medley's has created a Facebook page, Bring Ziggy Home, in an attempt to find him. Medley has also reached out to the SPCA and BARCS, along with Dogs Finding Dogs, a pet tracking organization that helps find lost animals. 

She said she's gotten a few leads, but nothing has panned out yet. Medley suspects the thief lives in the area. 

"I'm not trying to get anyone in trouble. I just want him to be returned to me," she said. 

Last month, a pitbull named Knox was stolen from his home in Baltimore. His owners feared he was taken for dog fighting. 

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He was found tied to a tree several days later. The experience prompted Knox's owners to start an organization, Finding Knox, to help prevent pet theft. 

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Medley said she fears Ziggy may have been stolen for the same reasons. 

"I'm very concerned about it, that he was given to someone who won't treat him right," she said. 

Medley said Ziggy is friendly and responds to his name. He is tan and white and weighs around 35 pounds. Call 443-722-8394 if you have any information. 


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