Baltimore County Schools issue addendum to controversial grading policy

Posted at 4:36 PM, Nov 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-03 08:04:37-04

Baltimore County Schools issued an addendum to its controversial grading policy Tuesday.

The change comes after backlash over the school’s decision to remove classroom conduct and homework assignments from final scores at the start of the school year.

The addendum lists a series of “enhancements” to the grading policy school officials made after receiving feedback from students, teachers and parents.

Verletta White, Chief Academic Officer at Baltimore County Public Schools, told ABC2 that parents and students told school board members that only tests and quizzes were being used to assess their grade. Beginning this week, high school students will now have additional opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of a subject outside of traditional testing methods, which can include labwork, classwork, essays and other methods. 

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Teachers will also have autonomy to include some homework assignments in a student's final grade. White said school officials will continue to offer teachers tips on the types of assignments that can be included in grade reports.  

The addendum goes on to state that schools will be given license to determine opportunities for students to redo assignments and improve their scores during the school year. White said parents and teachers asked for more consistency to do so. 

Officials met with principals and PTA presidents to discuss the grading policy Tuesday night, where the amendments were well-received, White said. "There was some misunderstanding," she said in regard to the grading policy issued this fall, "and this is intended to provide clarification." 

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