Neighbors help each other dig out of the snow

Posted at 10:05 PM, Jan 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-26 07:50:28-05

One shovel-full at a time they worked.  Neighbors who live along Lake Falls Road in Baltimore County banded together to clear their street.

"The County can't come down here,” said Tom Aversano.  “Apparently they've tried three times and the plows have gotten stuck at the top and bottom of our street."

"We decided to take matters into our own hands, and call everybody out and start shoveling,” Claudia Simpson said.

Armed with brooms, shovels and one snow blower, that's what they did.

"This is a Herculean effort to say the least," Aversano said.

About 30 people worked at least six hours.  Slowly attacking the mounds of snow burying their cars, and clearing nearly a quarter-mile of street still blanketed with 29 inches of the white stuff.

"It's almost all manual labor because even with the snow blower you have to knock it down to about 18 inches, or you can't push the snow blower through the snow," Aversano said.

"A lot of hard work, many, many hours, people are going to be very sore this evening and tomorrow,” Timmy Ruppersberger said.

It was a massive undertaking, but everyone had a great attitude, and even had fun while getting the job done together.  

"It's been a nice day, and we're very fortunate to live in Baltimore County and have such wonderful neighbors,” Ruppersberger said.      

"It's amazing, you know, this morning I came out and I felt like it's like trying to empty the ocean with a teaspoon,” Simpson said.  “But seeing what it looks like now, it's really satisfying."

"I think it's absolutely fantastic, it's super, it gives me a reason to live, it really does," Lake Falls Association President, Doug Munro said.

Baltimore County says crews are working 24 hours.  Their goal is to reach all 2,600 miles of County roads with a plow at least once by morning, and then keep working until they're all clear.  A task that could take several days.

If your street still has not been plowed by Tuesday, use this form to alert crews.

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