Baltimore County delegate calls for ethics charge against Superintendent Dallas Dance

Dance retweeted controversial tweet
Posted at 9:57 AM, Nov 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-13 11:11:12-05

Del. Pat McDonough said he is calling for an ethics charge against Baltimore County Schools superintendent Dallas Dance because of a retweet he made the day after the election. 

Dance retweeted a tweet from Josh Starr, CEO of the education association Phi Delta Kappa International, in which he urged educators to show non-white students love. 

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The tweet asked teachers to "show your muslim, black, latino, jewish, disabled, or just non-white St's, that you love them and will protect them!"

McDonough said in a statement that the retweet is “racist, divisive, and politically partisan.”

“Superintendent Dance implied that the President Elect is racist and guilty of all the slanderous attacks made by the national media. That is a partisan political position that does not allow for opposing viewpoints. By exercising bias against white students, Dance has violated his contract with Baltimore County and his trust with its citizens," McDonough said in the statement. “Would Superintendent Dance ask for special treatment for white students if Hillary Clinton had won the presidency after referring to some of their parents as “irredeemable deplorables?”

In a statement earlier this week, Dance said he is focused on equality and making sure all students feel welcome and supported. 

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