Baltimore County Schools closed Friday, heat index expected to feel like 100 degrees

Posted at 11:20 PM, Aug 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-26 13:15:17-04

It's only the second day of school, but it's another day off for some kids in Baltimore County.

The new Baltimore County rule states that when the heat index is forecast above 90 degrees, school must be canceled at county schools without air conditioning.

Thirty-seven Baltimore County schools are closed Friday. It's another day off for the students, but some parents say it's time for the school system to address the air conditioning issue.

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"I think the weather definitely being as hot as it is and it affecting the children's learning, I think if they started schools after Labor Day Holiday, that this would not be as big an issue," parent Kellee Foster said.
Another parent, Cathy Williamson said she thinks the county could be doing more.
ABC2's Chief Meterologist, Wyatt Everhart, says Friday's high heat index is the combination of heat and humidity.
"That's what's really changed in the last 24 hours," he said. "Much more humid out there so the real feel numbers can push like 100 I think on Friday afternoon."
Parents say while their kids might like another day off, it causes issues for them.
"It's an inconvenience for the parents that do work, now were going to have to try to find baby sitters or rearrange your working schedule," Williamson said.

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On the flip side, she also said trying to learn in the sweltering heat, just doesn't work.
"It's hard for the kids to really learn in the heat to begin with I noticed last year they would come home with headaches, complaining they're sick to their stomachs," Williamson said.
So what's the solution?
"It's only the second day and this should've been handled by the superintendent, all those schools should be air conditioned by now," said Foster.
And the real danger?
"Your body has to be able to cool itself off, we usually do that by sweating, we all know that when it's more humid, the sweat just does not cool you off as well," Everhart said.

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