About 100 Baltimore County Police officers now equipped with body cameras

Posted at 11:37 PM, Sep 07, 2016
The Baltimore County Police department is now months into the process of strapping nearly 1,500 body cameras to their officers.
Wednesday, they met with members of a small community to talk about it.
They have two new details about county's body camera program, saying that about 100 officers are now equipped with the cameras, and, in their words, that it seems to be moving along smoothly.
The program was formally introduced over the summer. They chose Taser International to run it. Eventually, they said, 1,435 cops will have the cameras.
"This is obviously a new area for law enforcement body worn cameras is a cutting edge solution, another tool in the  professional toolbox, and there's not a lot of charted territory, so there's a lot of opportunity to say what concerns are we not able to anticipate," said Capt. Joseph Conger, commander of the departments technology and communications division.
All told, the program is expected to cost a total of $12.5 million over 8 years. 
The department expects full implementation by the end of 2018.

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