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Second annual Amy's Run and Ride

Baltimore County Police Officer Amy Caprio honored
Caprio ride and run.
Posted at 6:33 PM, May 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-28 09:00:39-04

KINGSVILLE, Md. — On a beautiful day like Monday Tim Caprio would have loved to be on a bike ride with his wife.

Baltimore County Police Officer Amy Caprio was killed while responding to a call in Perry Hall in May of 2018. That year, Tim put together a bike and run in Amy’s memory expecting only a few people to show up last year.

More than 150 people came that day, and at the second annual event and more than 700 people came out to show their love. The crowd sang happy birthday for Officer Caprio on what would have been her 31st birthday.

“She wore her badge above her heart, which always seems fitting because Amy truly loved being a police officer,” Lt. Deanna Chemelli said. “Police work was her calling, it was her passion, and it was her dream.”

Lt. Chemelli was Officer Caprio’s Supervisor.

She shared a story about all the extra things that Amy carried in her duty bag.

“Amy also did carry a bag of dog treats and a leash in case she came upon a stray dog. There was two things that she spoke about that Amy carried in her duty bag that she took with her on every call," Chemelli said. "She encouraged all of us to carry those two things with us. Those two things were kindness and compassion. Simply put be Amy.”

Megan Alexander volunteered to help put the event together. Everything from the tents to the food was donated, and there was a booth selling event tee-shirts with all of the proceeds going to Caprio’s Scholarship Endowment at Towson University and the Honor a Hero Project.

“It’s really about paying it forward,” Alexander said. “Amy would do anything for anybody so being able to do this in memorial to her is great.”

Heaven needed a hero, and on Monday Officer Amy Carpio was shining down on the loved ones keeping her legacy going.

You can still donate and get a shirt by clicking here.