Police identify bodies found dead inside home in Randallstown

Posted at 11:02 AM, Apr 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-04 10:07:59-04

The bodies of a man and a woman were found inside a home in Baltimore County Monday.

Emergency crews responded to the 4100 block of Bald Eagle Court in Randallstown just before 9 a.m. for a cardiac arrest report.

The two bodies, identified as Chinika Sharia Hursey, 36, and Steven Scott Campbell, 36, were found dead upon arrival.

"Whenever we have a homicide like this where we don't have an immediate suspect, we want to secure the area as much as possible," Ofc. Jennifer Peach, with Baltimore County police, said. 

Baltimore County Police believe the deaths happened overnight, and are investigating the case as a double homicide. 

Police said there's a strong possibility the two victims were targeted, but there's no indication of forced entry into the home. 

Fatimah Mohamed looked on in disbelief. She lives around the corner.

"It's not like that. We don't have bad neighbors, bad people. We stick together. We all know each other and that's how it is in this neighborhood. This is a nice neighborhood," Mohamed said. 

Police say both victims had upper body trauma. 

According to a report, Hursey's children were inside the home during the night, but weren't harmed. 

Mohamed remembers hearing something in the middle of the night. 

"I did hear something, but it just was like -- pop -- and then it just went away. It was something that, to me, it felt like we're not used to that around here," she said. 

An uncommon series of events that has officers gathering clues and a community left in shock. 

The cause of death is still unknown.