Woman asks for help after losing engagement ring while working at MOMs Organic Market in Hampden

Ring is family heirloom, passed down 2 generations
Posted at 2:27 PM, Sep 07, 2016

A woman lost her engagement while working at MOM's Organic Market at the Rotunda in Hampden last Sunday. Now a sign sits in front of the grocery store asking customers for their help in tracking it down.

Christina Leffel has been with her fiancé for seven years, and they got engaged a short six months ago.

"I think the best thing about our relationship is we can just be doing anything together it could be so simple, it could seem really boring but we just have a good time if we're together," Leffel said he's just perfect.

She said he had big plans for the proposal, but was so excited he couldn't wait, and proposed right in their home, while she was folding laundry.

Of course, she said yes.

The ring is just as unique as their love, beautiful, white gold and intricate, with petite diamonds sitting next to a sapphire stone. 

The ring was his grandmother's, passed down to his sister, then by request, given to him. The middle diamond was switched with the sapphire, customized specially for Leffel.

Last Sunday at work, that piece of history slipped away.

"I finished bagging and went on my lunch break and I was eating my lunch and looked down and immediately I felt naked!" Leffel said.

Leffel started to panic, but acted quickly, talking with her team at the grocery store, then all fanning out to search.

"We all started looking, and I started to realize it's extremely likely the ring slipped off into a bag," Leffel said.

Her heart sank. She felt sick, but her coworkers were still thinking of ways to get it back. Lost signs were posted around the inside of the store and now there's a sign sitting in front telling her story and offering a reward.

Almost everyone walking by stops to read it.

"Oh my gosh somebody lost their engagement ring?? Oh no... I hope they find it," Dina Walsh is a longtime customer of MOM's and was shocked to hear the story.

Another shopper walks by, a widower who says that's exactly why she doesn't wear rings, she's afraid to lose them.

"I know what a family heirloom is, and to lose a family heirloom... It hurts... I hope whoever finds it will have the courtesy enough to bring it back," Beatrice Vaughan said.

Leffel, in the meantime, is still trying to cope.

"I think the sadness about it comes in waves, you know it's like I'm trying to stay hopeful because we have so many regulars so I'm really hoping that someone will find it, so I want to keep that hope alive," she said.

While the ring is missing, the love between her and her fiancé remains strong.

If you have any information about the missing ring, or found it, please stop by MOM's Organic Market at 711 W 40th St. Or call the customer service department at 667-219-2500.