White House Task Force assigns focus areas for Baltimore's growth

Posted at 12:02 AM, Dec 15, 2016

Local, state and federal leaders convened Wednesday for the report from the White House Task Force one for Baltimore City. 

The Task Force identified three priority areas that could benefit from federal investments - jobs, public health and safety. 

The report highlighted successful city initiatives ranging from Department of Labor funding to the One Baltimore for Jobs program. Lawmakers are crediting the Obama administration for helping Baltimore. 

"We're rebuilt our neighborhoods and neighborhoods support with local police," senator Ben Cardin said. "We've been able to get summer youth programs. We've been able to get programs for returning citizens that are coming out of our prison system. We've been able to get help in our schools."

The Department of Transportation has supported the city assigning $10 million to the Port and also to improvements for North Avenue.

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