What happened to Akia Eggleston?

Pregnant mother missing since May 2017
Posted: 11:36 PM, May 03, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-04 03:36:08Z

What happened to Akia Eggleston?  It's been a year since the Baltimore mother who was eight months pregnant with her second child disappeared.  Family, friends, and police say they've heard nothing from her since.

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"She was the most beautiful baby I have ever seen ... I miss her so much," said Sanobia Williams, Eggleston's aunt.

Williams and Eggleston's grandmother, Ann Wilson, now have only memories of their beloved Akia.

"Words can't really describe the anguish that we're going through," said Williams. 

Williams says she feels like she's lost her first niece, who's like a daughter to her.  Her grandmother and wanting answers.  

"I'm still hurting, I still don't sleep at night because I worry about her," said Wilson.

Eggleston's missing posters have been all over social media since she was last seen in May 2017 at the Inner Harbor.  Even police and the FBI are at a loss for a lead.

"It really is a mystery," said Chief T.J.Smith of The Baltimore Police Department.  "If there's a friend that she confided secrets in, about what might have been going on in her life, and haven't shared those details, now's the time to do it."

Eggleston was eight months pregnant when her family last saw her.  Her family knew something was wrong when she missed her own baby shower.  

"It's really painful and hurtful to have a loved one gone and she was pregnant and nobody knows nothing, Wilson said.

Akia's daughter is now 3 years old, but Akia was always seen as a baby to her family.

"Right now we're expecting the worst.  Honestly, because there's no trace of her,' said Williams.

The FBI is offering a $25,000 dollar reward for Eggleston.  A vigil is set for Saturday at 3:30 p.m. in Cherry Hill.  It's along Cherry Crest Road where she was last seen.