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West Baltimore Unity Men walk brings resources and hope to communities

Posted at 11:17 PM, Dec 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-30 23:18:46-05

BALTIMORE — A movement is growing across Baltimore city.

Hundreds of men taking to the streets to show their families and communities that they are on the front lines to take our city back.

“We are united, and we are one and we are determined to put an end to the violence in our city,” said one of the organizers.

They stopped in front of Perkins Square Baptist Church—many voices came together around one message.

“This is the last steps we’re going to take in 2019,” One man said. “2020 we’re going to be more focused, we’re going to take more steps. We’re not stopping in the end of 2020 until the killing stops.”

Every Monday, Thursday and Saturday they have and will continue to come together.

Social media has helped the crowd grow every week.

“Killings in my city make me upset,” said Duane Williams Jr. “I don’t know about you and I don’t know where you are, but you can’t tell me you bleed Baltimore and it don’t make you upset.”

As of Monday night, 344 people had been killed in Baltimore city, the highest number per capita ever.

They march for every parent whose child was a part of that horrible statistic.

They walk with purpose, when they approach someone, they ask what they need-- if it's a job someone in the group can help them on their way.

Bringing strength and resources in numbers.

“That’s the reason why some of them have been misbehaving because they haven’t had somebody to stand up for them. We can’t lock our way up out of this situation.”

“We are here because we love Baltimore. whatever you doing to close the year, this is what we’re going to be doing all next year. we are finishing strong! amen.”

January 20 they are working to get 1,000 men all dressed in black to walk in the Martin Luther King Jr. parade on Martin Luther King Blvd.