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We're Open: Taharka Brothers will bring ice cream to you

Posted at 7:24 AM, Mar 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-31 17:25:32-04

The coronavirus outbreak has made it difficult for many small businesses to continue business as usual.

Several have been forced to close.

Many restaurants are offering takeout or delivery service just to try and stay in business.

It's what Taharka Brothers ice cream is doing. The ice cream company opened up it's latest shop R House in December.

Since COVID-19 and the emergency order closed non-essential businesses, Taharka Brothers will come to you.

Ice cream might not be the first food which comes to mind when ordering delivery but Taharka Brothers is one of the latest local businesses offering curbside service.

Delivery customer Carly Castle said "so excited, it was the best thing to wake up to honestly."

Morning's are busy behind-the-scenes at this Hampden ice cream factory. Despite the frantic place to fill delivery orders, Taharka Brother's event director Vincent Green points out, business used to be a lot better before COVID-19.

"We lost at least minimum 70 percent of our business. We lost a lot of our restaurants, we lost our college accounts," Green said.

"Right now, the only thing that we have that's keeping us going is our home deliveries, the people that's in Baltimore, and the people that's buying our ice cream in our local grocery stores," Green added.

People like Castle, who's already wondering which flavor is going to be her favorite.

"I think it's going to be the 'Wake and Bake.' I love coffee and I love fudge brownies," Castle said.

For $55, you get eight pints of your choice, delivered right to your front door. It may seem like a lot to pay for some, but each order provides more than just a frozen treat.

"I'm the event director. I drive the ice cream truck for my normal season, but since the pandemic, it's all hands on deck that's needed and possible. We've got guys that normally sit behind a desk that do financial work but their now doing home deliveries to make it more convenient and keep us afloat," Green said.

"We just wanted to support local businesses at this time. We're both fortunate enough to still be getting a paycheck and we understand how difficult times are for local and small businesses right now. So, we just wanted to do our part and support, and also it's ice cream. It's kind of a no-brainer," Castle said.

Besides making home deliveries, Taharka Brothers also is donating ice cream to Baltimore City school sites that are open to students getting meals during the pandemic.

They're also making it easy for anyone who wants to share their ice cream with others as well.

"We're giving out over 300, 400 mini servings to kids, and we're giving them out for free. The package we have, that you selected for $55, you can do a donation, where it's a selection and for every donation we're giving out even more ice cream," Green said.

Donations are $8, which buys eight mini-pints for kids.

If you get a craving for ice cream, just keep in mind it takes about 48 hours from the time you place your order online until they show up at your front door.

You can order ice cream here.