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Warmer weather helping city crews break up ice caused by water main breaks

Posted at 11:38 PM, Jan 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-10 23:44:24-05

On Wednesday night crews were able to get a leg up on the ice buildup in many neighborhoods that was caused by water main breaks.

Councilman Eric Costello said it's been too cold for crews to get rid of the larger ice build ups in many areas, like on the 1800 block of Brunt Street in Druied Heights.

"The problem is that the water main break is flowing downhill into that ice,” said Costello. “So when you have sub-freezing temperatures there's just a growing accumulation of that. "

The city is dealing with 90 water main breaks bringing in contractors and working around the clock while the warm up lasts a situation Costello calls unique.

"We're dealing with an extended period of sustained severely sub-freezing temperatures for a long period of time,” said Costello. “Infrastructure just isn't built to handle that type of severely sub-freezing temperature."

Aundra Harris live in the 1800 block of Brunt Street, his water came back on Tuesday but now his gas is off.

"Water was coming through my gas line and ya know it's been Hell,” said Harris.

A couple doors down from Harris, Marquita Cosson is staying at a friend’s house because her water has been out since Monday at her home on East 31st street.

"No water right now,” said Cosson.  “I had to come to a family members house to bathe me and my kids and it's ridiculous they don't know when the waters going to be on or anything,"

Winter is far from over, and a flash of cold weather is expected for next week.

Keep your faucet dripping 24/7 when the freezing temperatures hit again.