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Vigil held for man killed while working on home one year ago

A year of pain since Bryan McKemy was murdered
Bryan McKemy
Posted at 9:42 PM, Aug 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-08 10:47:01-04

BALTIMORE — It's been a year of sadness, anger, and frustration for the McKemy family.

Bryan McKemy was killed while working on a home in Northeast Baltimore.

It's a moment that's terrorized his mother Angela McKemy every day.

“I got the terrible phone call at 12:30, and I kept watching the clock for 12:30,” Angela said. “Why I did that I don’t know because it just upsets me.”

On Wednesday night friends and family came together for a biodegradable balloon release and vigil.

For a year Bryan’s father Scott McKemy has been watching as leads fell through.

Bryan was shot while putting siding on a home in the Frankford neighborhood of Northeast Baltimore.

Scott said he is frustrated that police found the gun that was used to kill his son, but no one has been charged for his murder.

“It was proved with ballistics tests," said Scott. "It not only killed my son but killed two other people and was used in non-fatal shootings. They didn’t charge that guy with anything, but two possessions of a handgun and Baltimore City chose to drop those charges.”

Bryan's older brother David Kiel was serving time for drug charges when Bryan was killed.

Kiel lost years that he was looking forward to getting back.

“I don’t doubt what I did was wrong, and I paid my price,” Kiel said. “How does someone like me do the amount of time that I did, and a man can kill somebody and walk Scot free.”

Bryan’s sister Jennifer Polasky said Bryan was a fun uncle and her young daughter loved playing with him.

“It’s really hard because my sons not going to remember Bryan,” Polasky said. “He was just a little over a year old when Bryan died. I’m going to talk about him as much as I can but it’s not going to be the same.”

His mother feels him with her when she sees butterflies.

She drew one for him on a balloon that family and friends released for him.

“I can hear his big laugh and I hope I can always be able to hear that I hope I don’t forget it,” Polasky said.

Scott said he is hopeful because detectives said they brought in an outside investigator to help with the case.