Turning sadness into hope through art

"Redressed" benefits House of Ruth MD, survivors
Posted at 11:18 PM, Jun 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-08 23:18:32-04

1 in 4 women have been victims of domestic abuse.  Thursday, a special fundraiser not only brought that alarming fact to light, but helped the women and their allies heal from trauma few ever forget.

Domestic and intimate partner abuse aren't things that are often spoken about but Thursday, 25 artists and survivors came together to break the silence and raise hope through art 30

"We're survivors and we've blossomed were able to conquer through life," said Jacqueline Childs.

Brigitte Winter and Childs have different stories, yet they're connected by a frightening reality--they're both abuse survivors.

The artists that participated in the "Redressed" art show and fundraiser repurposed donated wedding gowns--taking a symbol of pain to create a new beginning for themselves and others.

"25 artists took pieces of those dresses and repurposed them into over 60 pieces of art," Winter said.

That art ranges from jewelry to sculpture to paintings but the meaning behind them all is the same.

"The idea of taking something that was heavy and full of pain and transforming it into something beautiful and powerful and hopeful," said Winter.

Childs chose to create a sculpture, one made from her own mother's gown.  Her mother is also an abuse survivor.

"I wanted to create something like a tree --a tree is life and I wanted to individualize a piece that represents my mom.  You know you're stuck at the very bottom of the well in an abusive marriage and then she's kind of rising from the ashes," Childs said.

All proceeds raised at the Redressed art show go directly to House of Ruth Maryland.