Turning lives around with Turnaround Tuesday

Posted at 11:42 AM, Sep 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-14 17:31:41-04

Finding a job can be a difficult process. Especially if you have a troubled past. For many people with criminal records, those in recovery and even those who are unemployed, trying to find sustainable work can be extremely difficult. A movement in Baltimore is looking to change that.


Every Tuesday morning in the basement of Zion Baptist Church for a movement called “Turnaround Tuesday”. Many have criminal records, or are seeking drug rehab. Others are just struggling to find work or a career path.


"I literally put in over 300 job applications and every single time I would get to the interview and they would see that I had a felony that was it,” said Patricia Carter. “Just having the door slammed repeatedly in your face, it is so discouraging."


Turnaround Tuesday provides people with hands-on training and tools to find a new job and turn their lives around.


"Here at Turnaround Tuesdays, it's more of a movement,” said Shunbrika Johnson, a Job Developer with Turnaround Tuesday. “When they walk through these doors, 1, it took them courage. 2, they came in with hope. And 3, they're ready for a change."


The movement started three years ago and has already employed more than 360 people.


"It was very motivating to realize that there are people out there who will advocate for me and who do realize that I'm not a bad person. I just made a bad mistake, “said Carter.


Although Turnaround Tuesday has been successful so far, organizers are looking for local business and local government officials to help push their movement to the next level.


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