Trina Taylor: A legacy that lives on

Posted at 11:43 PM, May 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-09 23:49:00-04

If you're going through cancer, you'll understand Trina Taylor's story. Even though she lost her battle with colorectal cancer this week, she has left behind a tremendous legacy. 

"She was an inspiration to me and a lot of people in the community.  Whenever she walked around you couldn't deny that she was a special lady," said Kamron Obanner, Taylor's son.

Taylor talked to WMAR 2 News back in 2016 about her diagnosis of colorectal cancer which caused her to have a permanent colostomy.  Something she embraced, in her fashion, her modeling and through an organization she was so proud of Osto Beauties.

"Here she is walking around with cancer, she just had chemo, she's throwing up but the next day she had on high heels and she was going to work," her mother, Vondalee Cowling told WMAR 2 News.

Osto Beauties is a group she helped form to raise awareness for others living with ostomies.

"She decided that she was going to live her life that she was going to be here and that she was going to fight to  beat cancer and to be here for Kamron," Cowling said.

Even while ill, Taylor did just that -  instilling in him life's most important lessons.

"Be a man of your word like if you tell anybody anything, you should mean what you say," said Taylor's son.

A truth this young man vows to take with him forever, while shouldering the greatest pain he's ever known.

"She was like my best friend in the whole wide world.  I know she's still here but  I can't see her so it's not the same," said Obanner.

He said he has a special concert Friday, Taylor told him she'd be there, and he knows it.

"She said even if she's not here, I'll know she's there because she'll rub my neck and she knows I'm ticklish," he said.

A child yearning for his mother's gentle touch, her own mother, wishing she could here her voice.

"I'm just so proud of Trina and all the people that she touched and people coming up to me and saying you know, your daughter saved my life," Cowling said.

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