Toy giveaway held at west Baltimore boxing center

Posted at 11:31 PM, Dec 20, 2016
'Tis the season for giving toys to children, and in west Baltimore, a local advocacy group did just that at a community boxing center.
It's the first annual toy giveaway organized by voting advocacy group 'Black Girls Vote.'
"They're here, a few nights each week, training. Not only are they fighting physically in the ring, but they're fighting for their lives, fighting for their community," said Nykidra Robinson, president and CEO of the group.
The event was held at the Upton Boxing Center, a place for kids to learn boxing while developing life skills.
Holding the giveaway there, Robinson said, was a natural fit.
"When we're out, people say black girls vote, but what about the black boys. Black boys come from black women, so not only are we fighting for black women, but we're also fighting for these black boys," Robinson said.

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The toys were lined up to be given away, and books too. The books were donated in partnership with the Baltimore City School district, said the group.
Gere Queen was at the giveaway with her great-grandchildren.
"This is something extra for them and let them know that there are people out here that care," she said.
Just days before the big holiday, organizer Robinson said there's no better way to spend her birthday.
"More importantly, we want our legislators to know that we want our recreation centers, such as the Upton Boxing Center to be fully funded because there is a powerful thing happening inside there," Robinson said.
The group raised $1,500 to make it happen, Robinson said.
Each child was given a pair of headphones.
Robinson said the group plans on holding the event next year.

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