Tough season for the O's affecting fans, businesses

Posted at 12:12 AM, Jun 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-01 00:12:36-04

The rain kept the Orioles from the Yankees Thursday but it continues to be a tough season for the O's as the team comes off a 3-game losing series against The Nationals.  WMAR 2 News hit the streets to talk with some who rely on the team to draw big crowds which haven't been happening lately.

Sheyi Jinadu has been a vendor at one of downtown’s busiest intersections for O’s game for three years.

"I guess because things haven’t been going good, it’s slow, it’s been slow," he said.

The Orioles are coming off a 3 game losing series against The Nationals; the rest of the season so far hasn't been much better and businesses are feeling it.

"People just don’t feel like they have a reason to come out, they rather just stay at home and watch it so maybe if they turn it around," said Jinadu.

You can usually count on Pickles Pub, synonymous with the Orioles and Baltimore, to be jam-packed, especially on a night when the Orioles host big draw teams like the Yankees.

"It’s down, it’s down.  It’s down, but people still come and enjoy the experience at pickles but it’s definitely down, we see the numbers," said Rob Nitkowski, bartender at Pickles Pub.

What's more, tickets to Thursday's Yankee game, which ended up postponed due to weather, we're going for just $2 on sites like Gametime. 

"I said something on Facebook the other day about being at the game and my brother asked if I booed them and I said no I would never boo them, they're my team, I love my team through thick and thin," said Orioles fan, Vickie Wilkins.