Three separate fires reported in East Baltimore

Fires reported just blocks away from each other

BALTIMORE, Md. (WMAR) - Three separate dwelling fires were reported in Southeast Baltimore Thursday afternoon.

According to fire officials, the first fire was reported in the 500 block of North Clinton Street where two homes were affected. 

While crews were at the scene of that fire they were alerted to the second fire located just three blocks away in the 500 block of North Lakewood Avenue.

Sukhman Nahl, the owner of one of the rowhomes, said the smoke was so thick on North Lakewood Avenue you couldn’t see in front of you.     

 “It was a lot of smoke, black absolutely black you couldn’t see anything for like 5 minutes.”

Four rowhomes full of family memories wiped out by fire.

While we are waiting to find out what caused this fire, a man who lived in one of the homes says he and his brother saved a woman who was trying to put out a grease fire in her kitchen.

 “When we got outside they were like get the baby get the baby,” Zeke said. “We ran in the house got the baby out and the lady was just sitting there like I can’t lose my house. She had the fire extinguisher like I need another one of these it’s empty. I said man look it’s the stove it’s going to blow you need to get out of here.”

Luckily everyone was able to get out of their homes.

The fire spread three houses down to the home on the corner where Daphne Garcia lives with her family.

She was walking home from singing classes when her mom called her to warn her.

 “She was like the house is burning like don’t go on that side go on the other side of the street and I’ll see you there,” Garcia said.

She ran home, and when she got there she saw flames shooting out the windows and her mother crying.

 “I saw her over there and she was like crying really bad and then I started crying really bad,” Garcia said. Everything’s in there we probably lost everything.”

Nahl said he has some empty homes that he planes to help the Garcia family with while they recover.

They say the North Lakewood Avenue fire affected three homes. Officials say there are no reported injuries.

As fire crews were controlling these fires and eliminating hot spots, a third fire was reported just a few blocks away.

Fire officials report that no one was inside of these homes during the fires. They are still trying to determine how many homes were affected.

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