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The Urban Children Foundation works to support kids in Baltimore

Posted at 5:36 PM, Jul 13, 2018

The Urban Children Foundation is working to improve the lives of children in Baltimore. For years, the foundation has been dedicated to funding local programs that provide kids with the opportunity to experience extracurricular activities in their neighborhoods.

“We started because he was basically really frustrated seeing kids out in the streets on major intersections begging for money to go on sporting trips or sporting events,” said Robin Truiett-Theodorson, the Executive Director of the Urban Children Foundation.

She created the foundation in honor of her late husband hoping to create a way to support kids in Baltimore.

“The mission is for every child in Baltimore city to be the best that they can be in their extracurricular activities,” said Truiett-Theodorson. “Whether it’s sports or performing arts or visual arts. Whatever that niche is.”

The Bulldog Basketball School is one of many programs the Urban Children Foundation funds. The program offers kids much more than just the sport of basketball.

“I kind of realized that basketball was a good motivator for the kids in our neighborhood,” said Pablo Koropecky who created the organization 5 years ago. “We started tying it into academics as an academic incentive. You had to have a certain grade average to make sure you can participate in the team and to go play in the games.”

The organization helps kids in the community by inspiring academic achievement, youth leadership and community service. They also provide kids with the tools they need to overcome problems they may face when off of the court.

 “We realized we had to add more into the program,” said Koropecky. “Peace conflict resolution, violence prevent classes, community service, youth leadership type stuff before practice and basketball was always kind of the carrot at the end of a long day.”

The Bulldog Basketball School will host its annual Summer 3x3 Basketball Tournamenton August 11th to help raise money for the organization.