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Sweet victory for Ice Queens who faced hate and harassment

Ice Queens Snowball Shop
Posted at 10:45 PM, Aug 12, 2020

BALTIMORE — A business in Locust Point has a strong message for the people targeting them because they are owned by black businesswomen: We’re here to stay and most people are happy about that.

The sweet treats are a realization of a dream for Ice Queens Snowball Shop owner Dasia Kabia.

“I do just think I’m just here making snowballs, than I see some of the kids, especially some of the young black girls that are coming here,” said Kabia. “They are like 'oh if you did your dream maybe I can do mine.' That means way more to me than just making snowballs.”

The shop has been the target of harassment and racially charged hate multiple times.

“Things being stolen, people just saying negative things like we don’t belong here or that they don’t want this type of business in their area. Or calling us these people, these people or you people are doing that. Definitely has been a lot of that going on.”

For every horrible comment and nasty action— the community makes sure to pour in love and support.

Baltimore City Councilman Eric Costello is working with other local leaders and says there will be an increased police presence near the shop.

They're asking people to call police immediately if you see or hear any further harassment.

“It hurts, but than I look behind me, literally directly behind me and my families there,” said Kabia. “I look outside and the neighborhood is there. I look on Instagram or Facebook and people are sending supportive messages. They are like we’re so excited that you are here, and how can anyone not love you? Those things, that’s what keep me positive.”

The response shows us all that even when the world can be nasty— the sweet things help us all get through it.