Survivor shares after MTA bus crash in Baltimore

Posted at 5:44 PM, Apr 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-08 17:44:13-04

Imagine a Maryland Transit Administration bus careened off a car toward the porch of a nearby house.

Gregory Williams doesn't have to imagine. He survived it.

"I was the last person that got off this bus when it stopped at Cedella Loop here,” said Williams, “The next thing I heard... I was walking cause I was gonna go to the bar and I heard a crash, but I didn't see the crash.  All I saw was the bus.  I didn't know the bus had got hit."

Just as Williams turned to see the aftermath of the crash on Frankford Avenue, he realized both the bus and the car were headed straight for him.

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"So I had to back up cause I was walking into the bus, but as I'm backing up a car... it was backing down here so now I have to make a decision,” recounted Williams, “I'm going to go with the bus or I'd rather get hit by the car.  I take the car."

If it seemed like a smart move for Williams to take his chances with the wayward car, it was. The average car weighs about 4,000 pounds, while a 40-foot transit buses weighs at least five times that much.

"I backed up... backed up.  The car hit me, but it like hit me and knocked me down and I just instantly just jumped back up and my thing I was thinking about here---I'm okay.  Even though it bumped me, I'm okay,” said Williams, “My concern is to see if everyone else is okay."

Williams said he checked on both drivers and they said they were okay, but paramedics ended up transporting three people to area hospitals, including one with serious injuries.

The MTA released a statement today with a little more information on that crash.

It said the bus hit another vehicle and then struck the porch of what’s described as an abandoned home.

The victims suffered non-life threatening injuries.

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