Survivor of fatal bus crash says he's happy to be alive, but devastated by the loss

Posted at 11:27 PM, Nov 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-02 06:03:13-04

Six people were killed and 10 others injured in Tuesday's deadly accident in southwest Baltimore.

Shawn Braxton, who was on his way to work when the school bus crashed into his Mustang, was able to walk away from the accident.

"I walked away from it and that's just hard for me to comprehend mentally and then emotionally, it's a battle," Braxton said.

Braxton said he's happy to be alive, but devastated over the loss of life.

"You have to deal with mental and the emotional side of it afterwards knowing that you were a part of something where people passed away," he said.

This day started like any other, Braxton was on his way to work.

"I looked in the mirror and I see headlights and I looked again and they're right on top of me," he said. "I started moving to the right and as soon as I started moving to the right, I don't remember hearing the impact but I knew there was an impact."

Braxton said he then let go of the steering wheel, tucked his head and just road it out until his car stopped. His gray Mustang is now just a mangled shell of a car. 

For his wife, Monica, this is nothing short of a miracle.

"I'm grateful that my husband is here. Six families don't have the privilege that I have of sitting here touching their family member and our hearts go out to them," Monica Braxton said. 

Police and the NTSB are continuing to investigate the accident. 

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