Student catches bus driver using phone while driving, mom wants answers

Posted at 11:29 PM, Oct 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-12 10:26:15-04

It's against the law to use handheld devices while you're driving in Maryland.  But a student caught a Baltimore city school bus driver using the phone while driving and recorded it.

"She was on the phone with a student on FaceTime with her phone and driving the bus and I found it highly unsafe so I recorded it," said student Keivon Pridget.

A brave move by Pridget who found himself riding on a bus Tuesday afternoon as he says the driver transported students while on the phone. 

"She had the phone down she had her face down a few seconds and then she looked up and is driving and kept doing that. I felt unsafe on the bus," said Pridget.

His mother,  Tameka Pridget is outraged. She told WMAR 2 News that she already reported this driver to the school in the past.

"It's already been one incident and then here we go, this incident, and this is like hands-on; one hand on the wheel, I don't drive like that," said Pridget.

Wednesday, Pridget took what she calls reckless and unprofessional behavior on the driver's part to the Baltimore City School District again.

"Who are you to think that you can put my child's safety at risk along with other peoples' safety?"

In Maryland, it's illegal to use any handheld device while driving.  We reached out to Baltimore City schools and was told that safety is its top priority and that the Office of Transportation is investigating the matter.

"I'm doing everything I can to get this out especially with the speeding buses I've been seeing and then this, I was like ok, I've had enough," she said.

Pridget said she's not going to let Keivon on the bus anymore and will make other arrangements to get him to school.

Baltimore City school officials went on to say that the outcome of the investigation will determine the department's next steps.

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