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Storm leaves quick and widespread damage

Posted at 8:31 PM, Apr 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-13 23:23:37-04

BALTIMORE — The storm rolled in quickly and violently.

Tearing down trees in Patterson Park, flattening road signs, sending home bound neighbors into a panic.

“Our front of our screen door was blown and we noticed there was a lot of damage to my car.” said Stephanie Green who lives in Patterson Park.

Big chunks of debris came crashing down on the Subaru Green just paid off.

She said thankfully a tow truck service will come tomorrow to pick it up and her insurance will cover the damage.

“It’s definitely crazy to think that not only are we working from home but to think a mini tornado or whatever it is came through our streets for a half a minute. Again happy everyone is safe and there wasn’t any severe harm,” she said.

Initially Green thought the large chunks of roof might have come from her rowhome, but when the landlords came by they didn’t see much damage.

WMAR-2 News talked to a a woman just around the corner who had a large chunk of her roof ripped that could have been what was in the streets

“I kept hearing like water I said where is it coming from and it was above my head,” the woman said. “I went upstairs and that’s where the water was. In the bathroom it was just pouring through.”

A neighbor took picture of her roof—still unsure if it’s the same bit that landed around the corner and up the street she’s hopeful she can get someone to come help quickly.

“My daughter said as long as you call maybe they will come and put a tarp over it or something," she said. "Hopefully it won’t rain no more.”

The widespread storm sent a tree toppling down a tree and power lines in Greg Boone’s back yard in Baltimore County.

“A big boom and a big flash of light when it ripped through the power line and it crashed through the fence,” Boone said.

They have a generator and it appears everyone is okay.

During these challenging times all the people involved glad no one was hurt.