Sneak peek of Light City

Festival kicks off Saturday
Posted at 11:16 PM, Apr 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-13 23:16:49-04

The biggest light festival in the country is back and bigger than ever. It features 50 exhibits across Baltimore for the next week. Friday, artists gave a preview of their work.

"I am absolutely blown away. It is absolutely exquisite," one festival goer said. 

The third annual Light City Festival kicks off Saturday. Artists say the event gives them a chance to try new things and push their creativity. 

"This is kind of free form and we can make whatever we want," artist Tim Scofield said. "It’s an opportunity to make a piece of sculpture that you usually wouldn't. It's not utilitarian like a bus stop or project that goes and sits there." 

For artists from the UK, their work featuring 180 origami butterflies with interactive lights is about transformation and they hope visitors see that throughout the festival. 

"Thinking about your places in a different way. Thinking about your city in a way that’s transformative so you can think about the transformation that you can do on yourself," artist Claudio Benghi. 

One display visitors have to track down is Charlie the peacock, back for his third year. 

"Every day, we pull it out of the studio and take it where it's supposed to go and run it for an hour or so," artist Kyle Miller said. 

He will have a new perch every night. You can find clues on Light City social media. The festival kicks off Saturday with a parade at 8 p.m.