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Shot fired in squeegee confrontation Wednesday

Posted at 10:29 PM, Oct 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-24 23:12:15-04

BALTIMORE — Kaream Mccree said he goes to school every day, and when he gets out he’s at the corner of Martin Luther King and Washington Blvd earning a buck as a “Squeegee Kid’.

On Thursday the block was unusually quiet as police asked the squeegee kids to clear out.

“A lot of kids not out,” Mccree said. “A few of us, like four or five of us yesterday something happened on MLK. That side of the street, not this side.”

Police said around 2 p.m. on Wednesday a struggle between a woman in a car and several “Squeegee Kids” ended with the woman's gun going off.

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The woman told police the group got aggressive and was damaging her car, so she grabbed her registered handgun and asked them to leave.

Mccree said he saw what police described happened next.

"The lady had a gun I seen it from right there by the gate by the trees,” said Mccree. “I looked back like I should back this way. I heard somebody reached in tried to grab her gun and she shot it. Once I heard a loud noise go boom I just walked away.”

Nobody was hurt but this is far from the first incident between “Squeegee Kids” and drivers.

Baltimore City Council President Brandon Scott said that the city can’t have things like this happen.

“I’m awaiting details from the police department about what happened,” said Scott. “We know that on all sides we can’t have that continue to happen. Rebuilding the education system here in Baltimore, so that it is 21st century, that helps people get jobs, that helps families improve their lives. It's another way we’re going to tackle the issue from top to bottom.”

Mccree said the guys he does it with aren’t the violent type, and that they are just trying to support themselves and their families.

“I wanna be a lawyer, I go to school,” he said.

Police say they were unable to find anyone in the group.

In their report, the officer wrote the victim had all proper permits to carry the gun.