Sharp Dressed Man hosts Holiday Suit Giveaway to help men fashion better lives

Posted at 3:07 PM, Dec 20, 2016

Sharp Dressed Man hosted a Holiday Suit Giveaway Tuesday to help 250 men go home with the threads they need to be successful.

While this event is only in its second year, the man behind it dressed men in need for the past six years.

Christopher Schafer runs a clothier in Baltimoreand started the non profit Sharp Dressed Man when a customer donated bags of gently used suits and he couldn't find a place to properly donate the formal wear.

Schafer said he loves this event, knowing he's giving others a sense of "confidence, it's like you can see they sort of like come out of their shell a little bit, they stand up a little bit taller and eyes brighten up and it's great."

Out in front of the store men waited all morning until the doors opened up at noon, to ensure they got a great suit.

In the front of the line was Harold Moore, who said he's turning his life around, getting this suit for graduation from Powell Recovery Center. He will also be wearing his suit to an upcoming job interview with an electric company.

When his personal shopper/volunteer came up to take him through the process getting a suit jacket, button down shirt, slacks, a tie and shoes, he was cautiously excited.

As the pieces came together, you could see his smile grow.

Once in the full suit, he said, "Now I feel like I can take the world on," with hands held high.

Jemal Green experienced the same wave of emotions. 

He was locked up for four years, after stealing from work to provide for his wife and two sons. He's been out 12 days.

"Clothes make you feel a little better, you know what I mean? A new suit, a fresh start," Green said.

He said he was sad to miss Thanksgiving but is excited to spend Christmas with his family, see the grandkids and return with a suit that makes him feel confident.

"Oh man this is a great experience! They really hook you up man," Green said with a huge smile.

Another man, Walter Irby, fell on hard times after his mother passed away in February. He took care of her for 13 years, as she was older and had Alzheimers.

He fell into a deep depression, and is in an unstable living situation, but this suit gives him the courage to move forward.

"I have to keep moving on because that's what she would've wanted me to do... I come down here to get me a suit something that will help me and what I need to do to make my life better," Irby said.

Sharp Dressed man dressed 1,250 men so far this year and hopes, with this event, to help 1,500 by New Year's Eve.

The event happened from 12- 8 p.m. at 223 W. Lexington Street.