Abuse survivors shut down North Ave with quilt

Posted at 7:58 AM, Apr 11, 2016

Survivors of sexual and domestic abuse shut down North Avenue Sunday, telling their stories through squares added to The Monument Quilt." 

Each square, written, stitched and painted onto red fabric, tells one person's story. Survivors say putting their experiences down onto fabric is part of the healing process. 

"The message of the monument quilt is you're not alone and that's so so true. You're really not," said Aliya Webermann, a sexual assault survivor.

"You know, people say 'oh I don't know anyone that's been raped or assaulted or abused' like, you do. You know many many people."

The event featured quilt-making, performances and a mayoral forum on sexual and domestic violence.

"What we hear from survivors who participate in the quilt and make quilt squares is that it's this huge burden that is lifted," said Rebecca Nagle, co-founder of The Monument Quilt. "It was like that for me when I made my own quilt square."

More than 1,000 stories have been added to the quilt. The project has made stops in 23 U.S. cities to date, and will culminate in a mile-long blanket of 6,000 squares at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

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